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Ready, Aim, Fire, Score with AttackSense, the best airsoft targets, period!

While designing my RC tank obstacle course, I thought it would be cool to add some targets that could register when they were hit by a RC tank airsoft BB and wirelessly link to a tablet scoring app. Well I found it. The AttackSense active target system can wirelessly connect up to 32 smart targets to the AttackSense Commander app on an Android tablet creating varied training simulations and competitive multi-player games. Though it is expensive ($700 US for six targets, a battery charger for the targets, an Android tablet with a stand and the AttackSense app pre-installed, and shipping to Texas from England), there is nothing like it currently available. Shipping was much faster than I expected, and the system was really easy to setup and worked perfectly right out of the box. If you are really into tanks with airsoft cannons (or airsoft guns in general) and can afford it, I highly recommend the AttackSense targeting system.

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