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T-34 A Really Great Bad Movie

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I watched a really bad Russian movie the other night on Amazon Prime Video called T-34 that I really enjoyed. Released in 2018, T-34 is about Nikolay Ivushkin, a young Russian tank commander in 1941 who gets captured and sent to a German concentration camp after he and his T-34 tank crew destroy six German Panzer tanks while protecting a Russian town from the German invasion. Three years later, Standartenführer Klaus Jäger, the commander of the six German tanks that were destroyed by Nikolay, goes to the German concentration camp to pick out a Soviet tank crew to be used for war games with his new German tank crews, and guess who he finds? That's right, its Nikolay and his driver Stepan Vasilyonok. Can you see where this is going? Nikolay and his crew are given a captured Russian T-34 tank to repair (without any shells) and forced to participate in a training exercise against six armed German Panzers. Unknown to the Germans, however, the Russians discover six live shells hidden in the T-34 under the bodies of the dead Russian crew. Meanwhile, Nikolay falls in love with Anya, another Russian POW who speaks German and acts as his interpreter and conveniently steals maps from Jäger's office that are ultimately used for their escape (sorry, I hope that I didn't ruin the ending for you). You can watch T-34 to see how it ends, but the best part is the special effects used to show each shell emerging from the tank cannons and hitting something all in slow motion (very cool). According to Wikipedia, T-34 is the second-highest grossing Russian film of all time bring in over $32 million (that should tell you something about the Russian film industry) I highly recommend T-34.

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